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Raised in the heart of Alabama, June Aja has had music in her heart since the early age of three years old. Noted for being a “mix between Lauryn Hill and Pink,” June Aja grew up in the gospel choir and began opera training at the age of thirteen. Although she played violin for five years, she had to make the decision of which path to take upon being accepted in a preparatory fine arts high school for both voice and violin. Choosing voice, this lead her into classical training in which she received scholarship to Pepperdine University for opera. After graduation and many songwriting sessions, June Aja realized her true calling was within mainstream music; therefore, hanging her hat from classical music for the time being. Since then, June Aja has dedicated herself to making changes within the community from working with adults with disabilities, to teaching voice lessons for the youth of the city. June Aja is now pursuing a career in mainstream music, both as a singer and songwriter, with full force. With the hope and continuous faith in her passion, she continues to strive every day towards her main goal: to help co-create a change in the world through music.

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